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About Us


PAACE’s vision is to become the voice for working professionals in the field of adult education in Pennsylvania.



The principles of sustainability extend far beyond our commitment to supporting environmental initiatives. Rather our commitment to sustainability encompasses being good stewards of the resources available to the organization so as to provide members with a return on their investment. This value also speaks to our responsibility as an educational leader to provide other adult educational entities and policy makers within the Commonwealth with the information and tools to help learners and organizations thrive.


Provide relevant, timely and important information through multiple mediums to the field and appropriate external parties in an effort to enhance their skills and understanding of the needs of adult learners.

Lifelong learning

As educators, we engage and support continuous development at all levels and in a variety of areas. Only by doing so can we achieve a professionalization of our field and a ultimately a better, more prepared adult population in Pennsylvania.


It is the mission of PAACE to provide leadership for adult and literacy education; promote the professionalization of the field through professional development; inform policy makers on behalf of membership and apprise all members of policy development.


• Dedicated to promoting adult education through the support of providers and practitioners who are committed to increasing the self sufficiency of adult learners.
• PAACE’s services are guided by research and the changing needs of the field.
• PAACE’s philosophy is one of nurturing union and collaboration among all members of the adult education field.
• Guided by the desire to make adult education available to all adult learners so that they can increase their self-sufficiency and be active members in society.
• Value lifelong learning and the potential impact it can have on adults.


PAACE has developed a strategic plan to move forward with our goals in the future. You can view it here.