A few weeks ago, Governor Wolf released the budget for 2019-2020. Once again, Adult and Family Literacy Education is level funded.

Will you take three minutes right now to let your elected officials know that you want them to support Adult and Family Literacy Education in Pennsylvania?

Don’t wait for someone else to speak for you and your students – every one of our voices is needed now.

Let’s see how many Pennsylvania teachers, administrators, and students will combine our voices to make a difference.

It takes three minutes and three clicks. It’s easy. It’s quick. It matters!

For your information, you can feel confident that responding to an Educate and Elevate call to action will not jeopardize your organization’s tax exempt status. It is important for adult education advocates to be heard, and PAACE wants to make sure that members understand that it is legal to advocate and lobby within specific parameters.

Are you lobbying or advocating? In PA, lobbying is defined as having contact with legislators or any member of state government to influence legislation or decision making. Taking action on this call to action would be lobbying in PA. That said, nonprofits are allowed to lobby and, unless you spend $2,500 or more per quarter in PA, you do not need to register or report activity.

On a the federal level, the definition of lobbying is only focused on influencing legislation. The call to action included here would not fall under the federal definition of lobbying and does not need to reported.

Thank you!

Cheryl Hiester and Michael Westover

Chair and Co-Chair, Public Policy and Advocacy Committee of PAACE

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