The top ten reasons why you should be an advocate for Adult Education #9

Greeting Members of PAACE,

It is week number two of the Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Be an Advocate for Adult Education.

Reason Number Nine:

We do great work. Our elected officials and policy makers don’t know we do great work. We need to tell them.

According the COABE WebinarAdvocating for Adult Education: How to Advance State and Federal Policies that Support Your Learners, the most successful advocacy campaigns occur when 90% of the contacts are from students.


Action for Week 2 – Student Letter Writing

 Teach a writing lesson that concludes with your students writing a letter to their elected officials. This week, focus on members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly.


Thank you to Michael Westover and the Center for Literacy for sharing their student letter writing strategy. Michael asked the students to do the following:

Please, from your home address and/or email, contact your state legislators and the Governor.

In three or four paragraphs:

Tell them you are a constituent in their district.
Ask them to keep state funding level for adult and family literacy education in the upcoming budget negotiations.
Tell them a story about a successful learner or your own personal story.
Tell them the impact of that success in your community.
Thank them for their leadership.


The letters were moving. Students told their own stories of owning small businesses, helping their children succeed in school, and getting a new job. Powerful stuff.


You can find the contact information for your Pennsylvania elected officials at:


If you have not watched the COABE webinar Advocating for Adult Education: How to Advance State and Federal Policies that Support Your Learners, it’s not too late. The webinar is available here .

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