PAACE Advocacy Update

The PA General Assembly passed a FY 24-25 budget on July 11 that the Governor signed into law. We are disappointed that the $1M increase the Governor proposed was not included and the Department of Education Adult and Family Literacy line-item remains level funded.

Throughout the year, the PAACE Advocacy Committee spent multiple days at the Capitol meeting with legislators and staff to talk about our programs and the funding request. We also received a lot of amazing letters of support from elected officials and our partner businesses which were provided to legislative leaders and the Governor’s Office. 

Thank you so much for all of your efforts!

This year it seemed the budget focus was on K-12 education funding and higher education initiatives. A more comprehensive budget summary and update is below for your reference. 

Do not be discouraged!

We still have a lot of work to do to restore our line item and see Adult and Family Literacy Education get the funding it needs to meet the demand. We sincerely hope this news motivates you to get involved!

Last year, your agency may have received up to an additional $100,000 as a result of the 2023 2024 funding increase. That increase will carry over into this year. Any funding increase makes a difference and is critical to our programs. If you received a funding increase, let your Pennsylvania Senator and Representative know and tell them what this means for your agency and their constituents.

Click here to read more about the budget summary.

 Please continue inviting legislators and their staff for classroom visits and to any special events you are having such as HSE graduations. If legislators and or staff attend, be sure to take photos and post them to social media. Don’t forget to tag the legislators and PAACE!

Cheryl Hiester, Chair

Joe Murzyn, Government Relations Consultant

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