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With one click, you can contact your mayor, governor, and state legislators to let them know that adult education is important! This service is provided free of charge by our national affiliate, COABE. Click the button below:

Missed today’s webinar, “Educate the Public and Elevate Adult Education”? Watch the whole webinar on YouTube below. Enjoy!
Today, February 6th, the Governor presented his proposed budget for 2018-2019. His recommendation of $11,675,000 represents a hold even budget line item for Adult and Family Literacy. Since this is an election year when no new taxes will be proposed, PAACE recommends you support this budget proposal. ACT NOW to tell the Governor and your state legislators that this appropriation is important.
Remember: if we’re not at the table, we will be on the menu.
The budget process is just beginning, so we encourage you to use this opportunity to let the Governor and your elected officials know how critical Adult and Family Literacy is.
It’s super easy to leave your mark for Adult and Family Literacy!
Three quick clicks is all it takes to contact your mayor, governor, and legislators — all at one time.

PA legislators need to hear from you. They need to know that your program’s services are important!

Now, there is an easy, quick way to do that. The national Educate and Elevate campaign is now customized for PA, thanks to PAACE’s membership in COABE. Their national campaign has enabled nearly 50,000 contacts with legislators nationwide since April 2017! As a member organization, we can access this easy to use tool to reach Pennsylvania’s local, state, and federal legislators.

All it takes is 3 quick clicks! Scroll to the bottom of this link HERE. You can then choose to write a letter or make a call. Click the “Take Action” button for either option. To write a letter, you will enter your information, select which elected officials will receive your message, and then personalize the provided message.

Click HERE to make your voice heard!

If you have any issues with these directions or with sending your message, please let me know. We hope this process works for you and lets your elected officials know that what you do obtains results.

Thank you for using this online process.