Advocacy and Public Policy Update October 2021

PAACE is asking for a 10 million dollar increase to the line item in the Department of Education budget and for Pennsylvania to pass the $15 million Adult Education and Workforce Recovery Fund that would provide one-time grants to Adult Education Providers. That is a potential of doubling of Pennsylvania’s investment in adult education.
We need each agency to meet with their legislators if we are going to be successful with either or both of these asks. Please reach out to Cheryl Hiester or Carey Harris to find out how you can help PAACE help you!
There has never been a better opportunity to advocate for more resources to support our students. Case in point is the recent joint Senate hearing. PAACE would like to thank the Pennsylvania Senate Education Committee and the Pennsylvania Labor & Industry Committee for holding a joint hearing on Adult Education and Workforce Development on September 22, 2021.
A recording of the hearing can be found here.
Please join us. We cannot do this without you.
~Advocacy and Public Policy Committee

Let’s Make Some Noise!


Let our elected officials know that 8 years of level funding in Pennsylvania is too long to go without an increase.

Pennsylvania can do better.

Adult and Family Literacy Education is a sound investment. 100 or more hours of adult education attendance equates to $9,621 extra earning per year.


Take Action Today!

Take action!

With one click, you can contact your mayor, governor, and state legislators to let them know that adult education is important! This service is provided free of charge by our national affiliate, COABE. Click the button below:

PAACE Advocacy Calendar

  • September – Prepare for election day 2018. Contact the candidates for the US House and PA House and Senate. You can use the Educate and Elevate ignite tool HERE. Ask them where they stand on adult education and let PAACE know what you hear.
  • September 24 through September 28 – National Adult and Family Literacy Education Week
  • September 25 – National Voter Registration Day – provide information to students about how to register to vote and encourage all eligible students to vote
  • October 9 – Deadline to register to vote in the November election
  • October 30 – Last day to apply for a civilian absentee ballot
  • October 31 – Happy Halloween – Trick or Treat for Adult Education – send a message to all candidates running for office to make adult education a priority
  • November 6 – Election Day – Vote!
  • November 9 – Congratulate the winners of the election, new and re-elected. Invite your elected officials to visit your program
  • November 22 – Happy Thanksgiving – write thank you emails or letters to elected officials for supporting adult education and share an impact story.
  • December and January – Happy Holidays


A startling fact is that 1,380,727 adults 25 and over in Pennsylvania do not have a high school credential (9% of adults 25 and over). 358,442 have less than a 9th grade education. There are 187,708 people living in Pennsylvania who are limited English proficient. Pennsylvania needs skilled workers to stay competitive, and many Pennsylvanians need access to services that will get them skilled and ready to work.


The focus on pre-K-16 learners within Pennsylvania has left out the adult, non-traditional learners who do not have a high school diploma or high school equivalency such as GED and those needing English as a second language instruction. What is your philosophy regarding providing service to them within your plans for education and its role in workforce development?

Adult and Family Literacy appropriations were slashed by one half from 2009 to 2011 while the need and demand have increased. How will you support bringing this important program back to the 2008-09 level of development?

Missed today’s webinar, “Educate the Public and Elevate Adult Education”? Watch the whole webinar on YouTube below. Enjoy!

PA legislators need to hear from you. They need to know that your program’s services are important!

Now, there is an easy, quick way to do that. The national Educate and Elevate campaign is now customized for PA, thanks to PAACE’s membership in COABE. Their national campaign has enabled nearly 50,000 contacts with legislators nationwide since April 2017! As a member organization, we can access this easy to use tool to reach Pennsylvania’s local, state, and federal legislators.

All it takes is 3 quick clicks! Scroll to the bottom of this link HERE. You can then choose to write a letter or make a call. Click the “Take Action” button for either option. To write a letter, you will enter your information, select which elected officials will receive your message, and then personalize the provided message.

Click HERE to make your voice heard!

If you have any issues with these directions or with sending your message, please let me know. We hope this process works for you and lets your elected officials know that what you do obtains results.

Thank you for using this online process.