2019 PAACE Annual Conference

Presentation Sessions

PAACE 2019 Accepted Presentations (sorted by title)

Best Practices for Including Inmates and Reentrants in Career Pathways Initiatives
Presenter(s): Chrissie Klinger

Cohesive ESL Instruction through Shared Curriculum
Presenter(s): Nancy Krygowski and Julie Teixeira

Collecting Data that Matters for Family Literacy Programs
Presenter(s): Carol Clymer, Esther Prins, and Elisabeth McLean

Computer Software as a Language Acquisition Adjunct
Presenter(s): Michael Antosch and Mitchell Berger

Customized and Collaborative Career Pathway Development
Presenter(s): Melinda Fraker de Fonte

Cycle of Action—A Plan for the Future
Presenter(s): Jenny Bair, Josh McManness, and Lora Zangari

ETS High School Equivalency Testing (HiSET®) Program Updates
Presenter(s): Douglas Garcia

Everything you wanted to know about the eData Access Database template (but were afraid to ask)
Presenter(s): Michael McCarty and Steve Linnes

Exciting Ways to “ELEVATE” Your Class with Reading Horizons: phonics, reading, writing, speaking, listening all in a BLENDED LEARNING program.
Presenter(s): Nora Lubecki

Family Literacy Roundtable
Presenter(s): Donna Dencler

Fearless Fractions: Strategies to help your student (and yourself) overcome math anxiety
Presenter(s): Brittany Eltman

Focus on the Future: Promising Workforce Development Strategies from a Panel of Providers
Presenter(s): KayLynn Hamilton

Focusing on Data to Determine Future Career Pathways Programming
Presenter(s): Chrissie Klinger

Funding Family Literacy Programming
Presenter(s): Carol Clymer,Beth Grinder McLean, and Tabitha Stickel

Getting Started with CASAS
Presenter(s): Elizabeth Scheib

Getting Students Over the Fractions Hump
Presenter(s): Maribel Ojeda
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Green Acres: A lifelong urban educator finds himself in the PA Wilds
Presenter(s): Mike Vail

How Effective Lesson Planning Can Put More Focus on Your Future
Presenter(s): KayLynn Hamilton, Dr. Rebecca Wagner, and Destiny Simpson

How to keep your students coming: Evidence Based Persistence Strategies
Presenter(s): Kim Gavlick

How you can be a GREAT advocate for adult education and literacy
Presenter(s): Cheryl Heister and Michael Westover

Impacting Persistence: Incentives and other Strategies to Keep Students Engaged
Presenter(s): Mary Edith Leichliter and Wyman Fowler

Implementation of Volunteer Classroom Aide Program
Presenter(s): Melanie Menkevich and Giovanni Stabile

Inference – More than just a guess
Presenter(s): Susan Mansuetti

Integrating formative assessment to collect evidence of student learning
Presenter(s): Maribel Ojeda and Joy Zamierowski
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Journey to Success: Building Basic Skills in Reading and Writing
Presenter(s): Greg Stultz

Journey to Success: Building Basic Skills in Reading and Writing
Presenter(s): Greg Stultz

Leveraging the Power of Personalized Learning to Support Students
Presenter(s): Joel Johnston

Life is a game: BRANDING is how you S.C.O.R.E.
Presenter(s): Rich Keller

Living and Accepting Change
Presenter(s): Joanne Borgesi

New Tools and Resources for GED Testing Success
Presenter(s): Brian Smith

Partnering with your Local Library to Power Progress in Adult Education and Workforce Literacy
Presenter(s): Maryann Stravous, Deborah Rikess, and Marguerite Dube

So What Has Changed?–How leaders can evaluate the impact of professional learning on programs, staff, and students
Presenter(s): Joy Zamierowski, Maribel Ojeda, and Callianne Hazan
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Step Up Your Math Game with Interactive Activities
Presenter(s): Amanda Ruth

Student Success through a Sense of Belonging
Presenter(s): Richard Drent

TABE/CASAS Prep in One ABE/HSE/WIOA Focused Online IET Platform
Presenter(s): Jason Guard

Teaching English Pronunciation in a Multilingual ESL Classroom
Presenter(s): John Long

Techniques in Teaching Summarizing and Sentence Stems
Presenter(s): Rhiannon Baron

The HiSET Essay: Writing Instruction That Works
Presenter(s): Eve Puhalla

The Personality Compass: Appreciating Diverse Work Styles
Presenter(s): Julie Walker

The Power of Tenacity – An Inspirational GED to PhD Story
Presenter(s): Craig Boykin

The Role of a Literacy Council Board
Presenter(s): Ryan Breisch

Tips and Tricks for Intercultural Communication with ESL Learners for non-Instructional Staff
Presenter(s): Hanna Schlosser and Giovanni Stabile

Tuning In To Language
Presenter(s): Nancy Krygowski

Types of Postsecondary Institutions, Types of Accreditation, Advantages and Red Flags
Presenter(s): Patricia Landis
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Using Social Media to Teach ESL
Presenter(s): Ben Getkin

Using University Resources to connect adult Learners to Career Pathways
Presenter(s): Ulicia Lawrence-Oladeinde, Shirley Moy, and Michael Clemmons

Utilizing Career Resources for ELA and Math Instruction
Presenter(s): Angela Kenes

Visual Literacy Across the Content Areas
Presenter(s): Renee Macko

Volunteers are Adult Learners, Too: Tips from a Tutor Trainer
Presenter(s): Roberta Hatcher

What does “Bandwidth” have to do with the Adult Literacy student’s cognitive resources?
Presenter(s): Barbara Gade

What Psychology Tells Us About Best Practices in Adult Education
Presenter(s): Gretchen Costello and Rachel Baron

Won’t You Be My Advocate?
Presenter(s): Alex Dow

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