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 Professional Development

April 23rd-  Teaching English Pronunciation In A Multilingual ESL Classroom with John Long

This class is designed to help the instructor effectively teach pronunciation in a multilingual ESL classroom using common household items as tools. students will use items like candles,etc to introduce correct sounds.

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April 29th- Integrating More Web Based Resources into Social Studies Instruction with Angela Kenes and Rachel Hanzes

This presentation is designed as a follow up for anyone who attended the Integrating Web Based Resources into Social Studies session offered at COABE in March 2014 or participated in the webinar in late April 2014. A portion of the time will be allotted for participants to share how they have used these resources in their classrooms. We will then review some additional resources that may also be used with your students to address GED social studies related content. Participants will be provided with links to all the resources that are featured during this session.

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May 7th-  Helping Immigrant Learners with Foreign Degrees to Forge an American Professional Future with Amanda Bergson Shilcock & Susan Finn Miller  

Among the many roles that adult educators are asked to play include career advisor and American cultural coach for immigrant learners who may have been engineers or nurses in their home countries, but are currently working in low-wage jobs while learning English and rebuilding their careers in the US. In this session, you’ll learn about tools and resources you can use to help these learners to regain their professional identities and careers in the United States. You’ll go home with information about licensing guides, mock interview tools, and how to help learners with larger-than-life goals to chart a realistic career path.

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May 13th-Thinking it Through: Using the DFA process to improve reading comprehension with Linda Wolfson

Decisions For Action (DFA), a cognitive skills program, helps students learn a process for interpreting text by asking questions of increasing difficulty. The framework for questions parallels the four levels of Webb’s Depth of Knowledge. Examples of fiction and non-fiction texts will be used to demonstrate the five point process.

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May 23rd-  So We Got Fresh: New Ideas Generated from Practitioner Input at the COABE 'Adult Education Outside the Box...' workshop" with Mike Vail and Scott Bostwick

"So We Got Fresh: New Ideas Generated from Practitioner Input at the COABE Adult Education Outside the Box' webinar, the follow-up to Scott Bostwick & Mike Vail's COABE/PAACE workshop entitled "Adult Education Outside the Box & Beyond the Clocks: Let's Get Fresh", will share the ideas attendees came up with in the areas of Advocacy, Funding, Staffing, Innovation, Information Technology, Service Delivery & Design. Mike and Scott will discuss how the workshop went, share the input from both direct service and administrative attendee perspectives, shifting landscapes, emerging opportunities, and potential obstacles to those opportunities.

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May 28th-  What Works in State Advocacy Campaigns with Art Ellison

During the webinar we will examine successful state level advocacy campaigns for adult education and identify the most successful strategies that can be applied in any state.

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PCN Interview:  Adult Literacy Funding with Donald Block

Donald Block, Executive Director of the Greater Pittsburgh Literacy  Council,  wants Pennsylvanians to know that there’s more to literacy than  reading and writing.  According to the 2010 census,  710,000 adults in  the state didn’t have a high school diploma.  Mr. Block and his colleagues  say a state funding trend over the last five years shows a fifty percent cut for  literacy.  Watch Don's PCN Interview here. 


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